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Reflecting on the past and rising towards the future


#WeUprising seeks to engage the local community through an exciting new
Hosting Program – an innovative way of involving the local community to actively
participate in a positive initiative that directly empowers their community.


#WeUprising seeks to engage the local community through an exciting new Hosting Program – an innovative way of involving the local community to actively participate in a positive initiative that directly empowers their community.

Members of the local community who are eager to create positive environments within their communities, are encouraged to take action through the #WeUprising platform by signing up to be #WeUprising Hosts on the day of June 16. Applicants will be screened through an online process and qualifying locals will enjoy the entire June16 Vilakazi Street Experience package for free! The hosting program aims to create a welcoming & safe environment for tourist guests visiting Soweto in order to boost tourism attraction to the area, and to ignite economic activity.

To launch the program in 2021, a minimum of 500 hosts will be selected to host a minimum of 4 tourists per host, for the duration of the #WeUprising walk program | 8am – 1pm |

This creatively packaged deal includes:

  • 4km commemoration walk entry (Retracing the steps taken by the 1976 generation)
  • Brunch meal & drinks at the end of the walk program (On Vilakazi Street in Soweto)
  • Branded Merchandise (Designed for the event)

If you live in Soweto, are passionate about people & Soweto, and want to make a difference in your community, we are looking for you. Details of how to apply for this bold initiative will be communicated as soon as coronavirus lockdown restrictions in South Africa are reduced to level 1.


Our June 16 walk program is part of the June 16 Vilakazi Street Experience. The 4km mostly downhill walk starts at 08h00 in the middle of winter, so participants can look forward to a chilly African winter morning. The spirit of the local community, and the artistic displays along the route; keep everyone warm, engaged and thoroughly entertained.

The walk is held on the famous June 16 Soweto Uprising 4km trail that passes by Heritage Sites, and famous locations that present themselves to outstanding domestic and international promotional opportunities, as the charm of Soweto is showcased beautifully during the 4km journey.

After the walk, a formal programme which includes a wreath laying ceremony, candle lighting, prayer, and speeches, is held live from the Hector Peterson Memorial.

The walk begins down Mphuthi St and continues straight onto Machaba Dr, then takes a right turn into Zulu Dr, which leads onto Mahalefela RD. After passing Maponya Dube Shoprite the walk takes a right turn onto Butshingi St then immediately takes a left turn onto the famous Vilakazi St – A must-do experience for every Soweto visitor. As you walk down upper Vilakazi St, you will experience the modern creative culture oozing in the streets of Soweto today. The walk then takes a left turn onto Moema St, towards the finish point at the Hector Pieterson Memorial & Museum. There are 4 water points along the way to keep you hydrated.


A can’t miss experience in South Africa, is the world famous Vilakazi Street in Soweto. Made famous by the 2 Noble Peace Prize Winners in former South African president Nelson Mandela & Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu respectively, it remains the only street in the world where two Nobel Peace prize laureates resided at the same time. Today this popular street is a buzzing African city in its own right. With lines of upmarket restaurants and a vibrant artistic culture that is inspired by the rich history of the area, Vilakazi Street is definitely the place to be on 16 June to celebrate this special South African public holiday.

To end the #WeUprising walk program, all participants enjoy a brunch meal at any of their preferred restaurant of choice on the popular Vilakazi Street. This is followed by a live music entertainment show as part of our commemoration festivities on the day. The performances range from local hip-hop & soul music artists, deejays, dance crews, poets, and art illustrators to entertain families and friends from about lunchtime right through into the night.

This entire experience is designed to integrate people, history, art, music, fashion, and food to create a special culture moment and contribute positively to society through creative activism.

Limited seats are available for this one of a kind experience. To secure your seat at the table for next year, make sure to book in time. Details on how to book this exciting experience will be communicated as soon as lockdown restrictions are reduced to level 1.